Created in 2012 / Re-creation in 2013 for the actual form

50 minutes

150 spectators

Age 12+

LE CHANT DU BOUC (The Goat Song)

A tiny but universal tragedy

A short bittersweet tale questioning the notions of victimization, power, destiny, as well as the tragic condition of man facing the inevitability of death.
The burlesque musical theatre of “The Goat song” explores the resonances of tragedy today through the figure of the "scapegoat" plunging us in the midst of tragicomedy.

In “The Goat song” the goat is the symbol of the sacrificed person, the metaphor of the victim, of the sacrifice.
 The "scapegoat" is a tragic hero: the words and the writing of the play are based on this character. 
This is the starting point of the show: three characters are gathered around the goat’s funeral, victim of a crime (we do not know the culprit).
 More than a dead animal, he is the metaphor of what has been sacrificed for some, but he also stands for atonement for the crimes committed by others. 
It symbolizes the tragic state we are all in.
 What is the price of integration? Of recognition? of loving or being loved? What part of ourselves are we willing to give up in exchange for this?


  • Created and directed by Nicolas Alline and Dorothée Saysombat
  • Performed by Nicolas Alline, Dorothée Saysombat and Jean-Pierre Hollebecq
  • Musical composition and musician : Nicolas Gallard
  • Lighting design : Rodrigue Bernard
  • With the precious help of Nicolas Quilliard
  • Constructions : Nicolas Alline, Géraldine Bonneton, Antoine Chopin,
  • Costumes : Thérèse Angebault, Cie à

© Photographies Jef Rabillon


Le Carré / Scène nationale de Château-Gontier (53) dans le cadre de la Biennale Onze, le TJP de Strasbourg - Centre dramatique national d’Alsace (67), l’Institut international de la Marionnette de Charleville-Mézières (08), La Maison Folie Moulins de Lille (59) et le Théâtre de l’hôtel de ville de St Barthélémy d’Anjou (49).  Avec le soutien du Pôle culturel des Coëvrons à Evron (53).

Remerciements pour l'accueil en résidence au Garage / Cie de l'Oiseau Mouche de Roubaix (59), au Théâtre de la Girandole de Montreuil (93) et à l'EPCC - Le Quai, Angers (49) pour son prêt de salle.

Avec l’aide au projet de la DRAC des Pays de la Loire, la Région Pays de la Loire, l’ADAMI, la Spedidam, EPCC-Anjou Théâtre et la Ville d’Angers.


Libération 27/01/2012 - FRÉDÉRIQUE ROUSSEL
 "A neighbourhood can go very badly. If the other person crosses the limits, the situation may degenerate. Two neighbours living in similar houses, car parked and pet dog. This fragile harmony is broken by the arrival of a stranger, with his neglected look, his caravan and his goat. The atmosphere of The Goat song oozes the 50s, the jolly microgroove, gingham dresses and clean appearances. A mixture of poetic object theatre and clowning, supported by expressive music. The perfection of the bourgeois social life foments the drama, as in an ultimate novel of J.G. Ballard. The lure of happiness of consumer society provokes the most absurd facts. The short thirty minute piece amuses by its causticity."