Compagnie à

Compagnie "à" was created in December 2003 by Dorothée Saysombat and Nicolas Alline.

The company was born out of a desire to explore theatre writing, through the relationship between actor and manipulated object and the relationship between audience, sound and space.

The company favours an intimate and precious relationship with the spectator, and promotes closeness, where popularity and conviviality do not oppose high artistic standards.

The company's work aims to take a different and poetic look at our social and political context, through live performance and theatre, a collaboration of images, gestures, sounds, emotions, and objects, big or small.
 Their shows are a combination of clown and Object Theatre, bringing together humour and cruelty, tragedy and comedy, using burlesque nonsense and poetry, without ever prejudging the audience.

Compagnie à is supported by the DRAC Pays de la Loire and Region Pays de la Loire.