Instruction book

  1. Find your place
  2. Sit down
  3. Put your 2 feets in the holes provided
  4. Put your eyes in front of the opening provided
  5. Watch, observe and listen
  6. Take your shoes off of the structur and go back to your daily occupations


Watch and play machine of the Compagnie à

Ô is the name of a unique structure created by Compagnie à with the help of Stéphane Paillard in 2003/2004.

It could be defined as an interior marquee with a frame made of wood panels.

Ô is a circular installation with a fairground atmosphere, where 23 audience members take place outside and watch what is played inside, while having their 2 feet inside.

Ô uses a panopticon principle, a machine to watch and play that Compagnie à wishes to explore
in various forms, with different projects: short intimate shows, exhibitions, sound installations, workshops ...

Ô is designed to be a mobile research laboratory, a travelling playground, inviting and bringing other artists together.